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Volume Discounts
The larger your organization's size, the lower the price you pay with Rokacom. Use the table below to view pricing tiers.
Annual Discount
RokaCom offers monthly and annual subscriptions. Annual subscriptions receive two months free for each year.
Per User Pricing
Pricing is based on a per user basis - meaning you pay for a single price per user in your organization and nothing more.
Monthly Billing
Per User Price
Annual Billing
Per User Price
1 to 15 Users$10.00/mo$8.33/mo
16 to 25 Users$9.50/mo$7.92/mo
26 to 50 Users$9.00/mo$7.50/mo
51 to 100 Users$8.50/mo$7.08/mo
101 to 250 Users$8.00/mo$6.67/mo
251 to 500 Users$7.00/mo$6.25/mo
501 to 2000 Users$6.00/mo$5.00/mo
More than 2000 UsersCustom QuoteCustom Quote

ROKACOM is a product of RokaSecurity LLC

A Pricing Structure Developed For Organizations Of All Sizes

Number of Users: 10

Monthly Billing
Total Cost
Annual Billing
Total Cost
Annual Billing

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