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Designed For Government Organizations

The need for secure mobile communications in government organizations has never been more critical.

RokaCom was designed to meet that need - uniquely built to meet CNSA and Suite-B security standards to safeguard every critical mobile communication.

The Features at a Glance

Secure Voice AND Messaging
Every call and message is encrypted end to end between users
Secure File Transfer
Send files and images securely between members of your organization
Enterprise Managed
Users are easily enrolled and managed by an admin in your group
Global Availability
Regional servers for global availability, so you're always connected.
Multiple Devices for One User
RokaCom is not tied to one device or phone number. Log into more than one device, and calls and messages follow
End-to-end Encryption
For exceptionally secure communications, private encryption keys are only kept on the user's device

Developed for

Every Operational Need

From lunch plans to Global Operations, RokaCom was designed for every scenario your organization needs. Abroad or at home, RokaCom keeps you secure!

Staff Comms

Let staff communicate securely even when they’re out of the office. Great for travel and everyday communications.

Unit Comms

Protect your Unit Members and your information. Protect Controlled Unclassified Information and stop the "Talk Around" on regular phone calls.

Communications with vendors and contractors outside of your office

An integral part of government contracting is the ability to speak freely with contractors and vendors.

With RokaCom, you can - without worry.
communication with vendors graphic

Powerful End-To-End Encryption

For Exceptionally Secure Communications

Most encrypted communications providers only encrypt communications between a single end-user device and the provider's server. This means that your communications are at risk and unencrypted (or "in the clear") inside of the provider's network. RokaCom is more secure. With end-to-end message encryption, communications never reside on our service unencrypted.

NSA Standards Compliant

Encryption Meets NSA Suite-B and CNSA Standards

We understand the sensitivity of Government information, so we designed RokaCom to meet the highest encryption standards. Protecting SBU and CUI isn’t negotiable for any Government Organization. That’s why RokaCom meets the NSA Suite-B and CNSA standards for encryption.
RokaCom Protects both:
Roka Com secure text messaging screenshot on smart phones

DOD or Civilian Agency

We Know Government Contracting

RokaCom Offers Global Availability

For Clear And Secure Worldwide Communications

When your people are traveling or stationed around the world, our system allows them to always connect securely with the lowest latency possible.

Easy to Roll Out to Users

Deploy in Days not Months

RokaCom is used like a regular text or messaging app, so there’s no training needed for any of your staff. Users are enrolled with an email process that trains them in minutes how to use the system.

3 Ways to Enroll Your Organization

  1. Enroll with a list of email addresses
  2. Manually create and hand out passwords
  3. Mass enrollment (using CSV upload or manual entry)

Sync Multiple devices

Connect Multiple Devices To The Same Account

One account works across all of the user's devices, allowing a user to be contacted on their work, personal or travel phone. Call or send a message to a person and it shows up on all of their devices where RokaCom is installed. Contacts are automatically synced across devices as well.
image showing how Roka Com connects multiple devices to the same account
Hosted in a FEDRAMP certified provider

We Offer Government Preferred Pricing

To find out more about utilizing RokaCom for your organization, just contact us below.

Available for Android and iOS Devices

Users easily install the app themselves from the Google Play or Apple App Store. Instructions and links to install the app are sent to the user via the enrollment process.

Don’t Wait Until You Need It

Your Communications are just waiting to be intercepted. But after they have your information, it’s too late.

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