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RokaCom is built from the ground up to be as secure and easy to use as possible. Users are enrolled easily and require no training to use the app.

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RokaCom is in Google Play and the App Store. Users can install RokaCom without help from IT. Instructions and links to the apps are sent to the user during the enrollment process.

RokaCom is An Encryption Solution That’s Just Designed Better

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End to End Encryption
smartphone screenshots representing secure communications with built in end-to-end encryption

Built With End-To-End Encryption

For Exceptionally Secure Communications

Normal call and messaging solutions aren’t completely private. Your communications are stored unencrypted on a server, placing them at risk. With RokaCom your data is encrypted all the way to the other user, even our staff couldn’t access your communications. That’s the power of End to End encryption.

NSA Standards Compliant

For Government Grade Security

We built RokaCom to be compliant with the NSA’s security standards. We went above and beyond to make sure that nothing slips through.

Low Latency With High Availability

For Clear And Secure Worldwide Communications

Global Presence is key when you’re on the road and need to send a message or make a call. RokaCom has servers across the world to ensure availability and reduction in annoying voice delay.

Chat Freely

Use RokaCom's chat functionality like a regular text messaging app. With RokaCom, End to End Encryption is built in, and prevents anyone from accessing your messages or files.

text messaging aplication user interface

Simple to Use

Easy to understand and use interface with built in encryption.

Multi-Room Chat

RokaCom also gives you the option to talk to multiple users at one time - which makes it easier than ever to have secure communications with multiple people in multiple locations.

multi chat room screenshot
mobile phone screenshot showing a protected file transfer

Protected File Transfer

From pictures to videos or files, you can send and transfer sensitive information through RokaCom anytime.

Secure Voice Calling

RokaCom's voice calls are encrypted End to End. Conduct secure voice calls from any corner of the globe, thanks to our global server availability. You never have to worry about your communications being intercepted when you’re traveling abroad.

Easy as regular phone
Organization Contacts
End to End Encryption
ZRTP with SAS Code

Easy as a Regular Phone Call

Placing a call on RokaCom is as easy as a regular call, except your calls are encrypted end to end by default.

mobile phone screenshot of an encrypted call
Roka Com interface showing an encrypted call with ZRTP's SAS codes for authenticating the connection

Know You Are Secure

RokaCom's interface shows your call is encrypted and uses ZRTP's SAS codes for authenticating the connection. This means you can talk freely, without worry of your conversation being intercepted or recorded.

Connect Multiple Devices To One Account

Available Across Your Smartphone And Tablet

There’s no need to have a different RokaCom account for every device you use. You can sign in to your RokaCom account from any device, making it easier than ever to stay connected.
image showing how Roka Com connects multiple devices to a single account

Push Notifications
For Low Battery Usage

photo of smartphone showing low battery usage notifications
Keep RokaCom running in the background without it draining your battery. When someone tries to contact you, we’ll send you an instant push notification for incoming calls and messages.

Hosting Options

RokaCom offers variety of hosting options to fit our customer's needs.
RokaCom's Global Cloud infrastructure offers high availability, low latency, and affordability
The RokaCom service provided on dedicated servers to comply with customer specific security and compliance requirements
On Premises
RokaCom can be installed on your premises for those organizations that require a higher level of physical security

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Your Communications are just waiting to be intercepted. But after they have your information, it’s too late.

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