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Launching into Production on November 17, 2017
RokaCom is an enterprise-grade solution for completely secure voice and messaging

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Secure Communications
Starting With Your

You already encrypt your email and website data, why not your calls and messages?

RokaCom is the easiest way to conduct secure worldwide communications from your smartphone.

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Features Your Organization Needs

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Secure Voice

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Secure Messaging

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Enterprise Managed

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Global Availability

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Multiple Devices for One User

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End to End Encryption

Introducing An Enterprise Managed Solution

Government Grade Secure Communication on your iOS or Android Device



Encryption Meets NSA Suite-B and CNSA Standards Designed to meet the highest security standards, every single text, voice message and file transfer is safeguarded. RokaCom encrypts your data end to end between devices for complete protection.

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It's So Easy to Roll Out and Use, There's No Training Required

Say goodbye to complex solutions that require extensive training and take months to roll out. RokaCom is used like a regular text or messaging app, so there's no staff training needed.

How It Works

The Power To Communicate Securely, Wherever You Are In The World

Global presence connects you to the closest server, with low latency and high availability. We’ve tested RokaCom around the world, to ensure you'll always be connected.

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End to End Encryption, So Your Communications Stay Private

Not Even Rokacom Can Access Your Communications

Most encrypted communications providers only encrypt communications between a single end-user device and the provider's server. This means that the communications are unencrypted (or "in the clear") inside of the provider's network.

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3 Steps to Security

Secure communications are simple with RokaCom
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Step 1

Download RokaCom to your smartphone

Available on both iOS and Android

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Step 2

Login To Your RokaCom Account

Organization admin enrolls users via email or creates accounts manually

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Step 3

Start Messaging Or Calling With 100% Protection

Every communication is encrypted end to end, by default. No one, not even RokaCom employees, can access your communications.

You're Not Secure

If you think your regular mobile phone calls and text messages are encrypted, think again:

Regular calls you are making from your smartphone aren't encrypted

Some mobile providers encrypt to the tower, but are unencrypted through the providers network.

Mobile Carriers have access to all of your Text Messages

If they are encrypted on the provider's servers, it's with the providers keys, still making your messages vulnerable.

Worth 1000 Words

Those pictures, videos and files you messaged are also sent and stored unencrypted, just waiting for someone to access them.

Need more reasons to turn on RokaCom?

Built For Organizations Like Your's

The Search For an Enterprise Encryption Solution Ends Here

Government Solutions

Protect your people and your Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) under one solution. We're the first choice for United States Government Organizations.

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Corporations Solutions

Protect your employees, Intellectual Property and critical business intelligence from hackers, governments and prying eyes.

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Organizations and Private Groups

Use and Trust The Power Of RokaCom
I used Roka Com to quickly set up a secure communication channel via smartphone with overseas family members. As a non-technical person, I was pleased to find the set up quick and easy for both me and the family members. Using the system was likewise easy and intuitive. I would definitely recommend Roka Com for anyone needing secure international communication.
Lex E.
RokaCom protects our comms to our teams and customers around the world! Fast to setup and simple to use.
Russell Davies
President Tag5 Industries, LLC

Easy to Install

Available for iOS and Android platforms, desktop version coming soon!

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Don’t Wait Until You Need It

Your Communications are just waiting to be intercepted. But after they have your information, it’s too late.

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