RokaCom Beta Program

by Patrick Stump


Be a Beta Organization, Get Free and Discounted Licenses for One Year!

RokaCom is launching our new Enterprise Managed Secure Mobile Communications platform on November 17th, 2017. But before that can happen, we need BETA users and that’s you!

To make it worth your while, we are offering Free and Discounted plans to all qualifying participants at the conclusion of beta period.

Need information on RokaCom?

RokaCom is an enterprise-grade solution for completely secure voice and messaging.
Find out more:

What is RokaCom How RokaCom Works For Corporations For Government

What organizations can benefit from the beta program?

RokaCom is designed to work across many industries and organizations. We’re looking for a wide array of participants from the following industries:

  • Banking & Finance: RokaCom can help financial institutions maintain SEC and FINRA compliance with secure messaging and call
  • Healthcare: RokaCom can help healthcare institutions maintain HIPAA compliance by securing sensitive information
  • Government: For sensitive but not classified information, RokaCom is the smart choice for protecting your communications
  • Any other industry: Where sensitive data is transmitted among members of an organization

When does the beta program start?

Beta program will commence on September 6th, 2017, with the Production launch scheduled for November 4th, 2017.

Is there a limit to beta users?

Right now we are only looking to bring on 1000 organizations into the BETA program.

How does the beta program work?

  1. Complete the Beta Program Registration Form
  2. We will email you details of how to setup your account
  3. We will on board users in groups after September 6th.

What are the Rewards for being a Beta Organization?

Sign Up Order Free Users Licenses
in First Year
Discount for Additional
User Licenses in First Year
1 – 200 100 75%
201-500 50 50%
501-1000 25 25%
  • Signup order is the order in which the Beta Program Registration Form is filled out.
  • Organization must also meet the minimum usage requirements below to obtain the free users licenses and discounts.
  • Free Licenses are for 1 year of service starting when the system goes into production. At the end of the 1 year period, licenses go to normal pricing.
  • Discount percentages are for user license fees for the first year of service; after the first year, discounts no longer apply.

Minimum Usage Requirements

We are conducting the BETA program to make RokaCom better, so we need to ensure people use it.  In order to qualify for the free licenses and discounts, your organization must complete the following during the beta period:

  • Send 100 Messages
  • Make 25 calls
  • Fill out our user survey asking you what you liked and didn’t like. It’s quick, we promise!

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